Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How five day week, made me weak!


Once a fun day,
now my Monday.
Plans are many for this day,
but all gets piled up in the runway.


Calls, mails and blasts,
keeps me wonder, how long it lasts.
While strategies go all way wrong,
deadlines put me back in the chair for long!


Resumes back to duty,
thinking life has got no beauty.
While meetings keep me busy,
overload makes me go lazy.


Yet another busy day,
as vendors keep calling for their pay.
From no where comes an ad brief,
with a deadline that puts me in deep grief!


Sigh, relief or bliss,
not sure, how to explain this.
Country is in a weekend mood, 
and why my clients behave so rude!!?

NB: Fridays and saturdays are officially off days.
Situations may look much exaggerated than in real!