Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I've gone fat,
so I decided to bat.
Went out to play,
on a pitch made of clay.

So fast he bowls;
and I was surrounded by howls.
Here comes the ball;
and I missed them all.

Fielding wasn't that fun,
since I had a lot to run.
Fast bowlers got smashed so hard,
and stopping the ball was never on my card!

Now it’s time for some howler,
as I am the next change bowler.
Holding a ball after long,
line N’ length went all way wrong!

Memories took me to my school days,
where I used to play the game, all day.
We used to wait for lunch-breaks,
simply to let loose all our breaks.

Friends, fun and fights,
a life blessed with all delights.
Oh no! I miss them all,
and it gifts me a smile, when I recall!


  1. As usual,there is an Anees touch in this post too...I too had a childhood playing cricket with my cousins in my house's playground...So now when I see kids playing match holding bats bigger than them,it brings a smile on my face.
    Thanks for sharing...

  2. hey nice one annes.... keep da creativity flowing ..... :) cheers

  3. anees aliya...ithu bhaviyil twinkle twinkline replace cheyyanulla oru nursery rhyme aavanulla sadhyatha njn kanunu..thakarthu mone

  4. Poop a doop a scoop.

  5. just lovd it.....especially the last four lines......awesomeeeeeeeeee.....

  6. it's mindblowing..for me

  7. i lovd the last lines